Gen Z vs Millennials
Twins Make Me Uncomfortable
Timmy the Tooth Haunts My Dreams
Anti-Smoking Campaigns on Tik Tok
Did Late Night TV Change in 2020?
People Keep Stealing Our Merch
Northern east outdoors
Northern east outdoors 4 timmar sedan
Anti smoking campaigns don’t work, kids are just not smoking cigs cause they think vaping is cooler
gromitron1 gromitron1
gromitron1 gromitron1 4 timmar sedan
p to p uh thats not how gay works
Noah Clark
Noah Clark 4 timmar sedan
Idk why but for some reason to me it looked like the kids' faces were cgi and just pasted onto their bodies.
Chris Knowles
Chris Knowles 5 timmar sedan
Billy mays just sounds like phil swift because there basically advertising the products in the same way
Tod the Toad SMM2
Tod the Toad SMM2 5 timmar sedan
leave j g wenthworth alone right now your opinion is trash and fuck you this ad was good
emma mestas
emma mestas 5 timmar sedan
Gosh this is so annoying argument is sooooo annoying
Anthony Zanoni
Anthony Zanoni 5 timmar sedan
Still waiting on part 2?
Ash Ashes
Ash Ashes 6 timmar sedan
Derek Weix
Derek Weix 6 timmar sedan
Retro Bill awakened deep elementary school memories
Tyler 6 timmar sedan
Didn't she shit her pants in public or something?
Air Rick
Air Rick 6 timmar sedan
you thought I thought you were 35?!?! I thought you were 47!
Bryce B
Bryce B 6 timmar sedan
Women do have rights so do minorities gosh I'm so tired of the same narrative.
Miki 7 timmar sedan
Am I still upset about Yummy being nominated for a grammy? Yes, yes I am.
Bray parker
Bray parker 7 timmar sedan
I'm not gonna say let teens smoke but if they have started don't take there vapes/cigs they are smoking because they have mental issues like depression or anxiety which smoking would usually help with that get them therapy or some shit and help them gradually quit
Narni Valkyrie
Narni Valkyrie 7 timmar sedan
My parents got shamwows. They were alright for cleaning up puppy pee from carpet but in general just kinda meh.
Rachelle Cham
Rachelle Cham 8 timmar sedan
There were twin girls in my high school class that dressed the same every day except for Halloween when one was Mario and the other was Luigi.
ajmod73 8 timmar sedan
Remember when Microsoft lied to us?... Remember when Microsoft _didn't_ lie to us?
T H O N K I N G I N T E N S I F I E S 9 timmar sedan
billy mayes could sell me crack
Agent Bobcat
Agent Bobcat 9 timmar sedan
4:21 that’s Moriah Elizabeth!
Posejdon GreatLordOfWater
Posejdon GreatLordOfWater 9 timmar sedan
Where👏 are👏 the👏 reaction 👏videos?
Ben Herrenbruck
Ben Herrenbruck 9 timmar sedan
Twister is by far the best actor in this.
jbmp1390 10 timmar sedan
"You can't be a good skateboarder if you smoke weed. Also Every Skater I've ever known: Smoking weed practically any time they're not on the actual skateboard lol 😤💨
BurritoPuppy 10 timmar sedan
11:11 the guy actually took his stuff from other people like billy mays like the shamwow is just a renamed product
jbmp1390 10 timmar sedan
When I was in 6th grade my class were the last wave to get the DARE program before it was phased out. It was a complete joke. Most of us didn't even understand the CONCEPT of what they were talking about. It taught us literally nothing. They just told us over and over to "just say no" smfh. Then around age 15 when I first tried tobacco and later Cannabis, I realized I didn't even know what drugs LOOKED like until I saw them in front of me. Then I realized that they taught us nothing and started experimenting with more drugs, partly out of rebellion because I was so annoyed that they thought so little of us when we were younger that they didn't even bother to ATTEMPT to teach us anything meaningful, they just LIED. So instead of a generation of kids not wanting to use drugs they created the exact opposite because once you lie to people about one thing, most people will then assume that you're lying about everything you're saying and just stop listening. They don't care about truth and honesty, they care about controlling you. And when people use drugs, their minds become more open and they're harder to trick and pull the wool over their eyes. That's why the government is against CERTAIN drugs, if you think they really care about you, I'm sorry to tell you but you're fooling yourself.
Simon Grant
Simon Grant 10 timmar sedan
6:26 got me good while I was in class. RIP
Dojima H. Hog
Dojima H. Hog 10 timmar sedan
"Start sliming people who win awards" Well they do slime people, but its before the voting, and behind closed doors.
Tem Haz wifi
Tem Haz wifi 10 timmar sedan
All these people are kind of losers... they’re still on tiktok
Anne Marie Glen
Anne Marie Glen 10 timmar sedan
wait was that Ryan Higa?
Alex Wiseman24
Alex Wiseman24 10 timmar sedan
and i built a better boy.
jbmp1390 10 timmar sedan
Discovered this movie in high school in like 2005. My god what a masterpiece. As Chris Stuckmann would say, it's a true 'Hilariocity'.
damp sock
damp sock 11 timmar sedan
The ad on this video was anti smoking
wawaH20 11 timmar sedan
Lmfao poor little 12 year old Eddy had no idea who Peter Molyneux was and how notorious he is for just straight up lying about games.
Anonymity 11 timmar sedan
Jimmy Fallon tows the establishment line in a very bad way and participated in union busting in multiple ways
TopHatKat 11 timmar sedan
I know this is a year late, and someone else probably already commented this, but I think the reason all of the actions in the first video are narrated is for students who are visually impaired.
damp sock
damp sock 11 timmar sedan
I had the same lamp
AP Poland
AP Poland 11 timmar sedan
I 100% agree with Conan, by far the funniest and possibly the smartest talk show host in American history. Graham Norton is my favorite British talk show host, just seems fun. Definitely has that stupid factor of Jimmy Fallon, but he doesn’t do as much of the stupid gamey shit, he lets the people get drunk and tell stories 😂
Vonny 11 timmar sedan
the human race is a retched thing
Bryan Wendland
Bryan Wendland 12 timmar sedan
Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how can you do that to JG Wentworth
Simon15050 12 timmar sedan
Some of the ads you liked, were life savers for me. i just keep getting bombarded with ads that really bring out the cynic in me. My most recent Pet peeves are the New Bosch ads, trying to get in to a meme that was popular 5-10 years ago, "like a bosch" my ass
Alex Turner
Alex Turner 12 timmar sedan
the most hillarious thing to me in this video is that Eddy keeps caaling her "an attractive woman" Like no, she's just an middle aged lady with fake tan and hella plastic surgeries who can't accept she's not in her 20's anymore, and it might just be me that's one of the least attractive things I can think of
Andy Norris
Andy Norris 12 timmar sedan
That tap dance hurt my head
The Jamaican Potato Chip
The Jamaican Potato Chip 12 timmar sedan
Kas Grieve
Kas Grieve 12 timmar sedan
Shamwows were pretty sick, Freakin' Reviews reviewed it and it genuinely soaks up so much liquid
damp sock
damp sock 12 timmar sedan
I have the same lamp in my living room lol
Narni Valkyrie
Narni Valkyrie 13 timmar sedan
I've never watched this show, but there was an ad for it on a VHS I watched a lot as a kid (I wanna say one of the Prayer Bear ones?) And good fucking lord. The Cavity Goon had a staring role in the most vivid nightmares I ever had. I am a grown ass adult and I am still horrified by that thing.
Jack Connor
Jack Connor 13 timmar sedan
There are actually people who give a shit about this crap ? I am technically a Gen Z and I consider basically anything after what would be Gen X shitty, but It's not like I have a need to let everyone know, WTF ?
Will Prinzi
Will Prinzi 13 timmar sedan
Just came for the happy chemicals when Eddy says Conan is his favorite
The Jamaican Potato Chip
The Jamaican Potato Chip 13 timmar sedan
jake paul is one stinky man
Kylie Wood
Kylie Wood 13 timmar sedan
pls for the love of god where do you get your music?? its so good aaaand id listen to these instrumentals unironically.
Wendy Williams looks like a squeezed Capri Sun
Wendy Williams looks like a squeezed Capri Sun 13 timmar sedan
i find this feud equally hilarious and ridiculous because like why are y’all crying over jeans and hair
Jacob Shook
Jacob Shook 14 timmar sedan
I remember as a kid when JG Wentworth started having an opera jingle which is annoyingly catchy. I rather see the ones before that when people were screaming from their windows that the its their money and they need it now from the top of their lungs because they were lowkey kinda funny lol
Samuel 14 timmar sedan
Is it legal to record in an airport, because I don’t think it is
Jacob Shook
Jacob Shook 14 timmar sedan
honestly you do look older lol
Hi There
Hi There 15 timmar sedan
Canadian Netflix fuckin bangs dude! *Me looking at my Netflix full of original crap and shows with only half the series* the fuck he talking about?
NoeleoN 15 timmar sedan
Kinect was pretty damn awesome even though they fucked the whole advertisement and faked everything.
Sara Mae
Sara Mae 15 timmar sedan
Old spice commercials are created by tumblr kids on cocaine
MORGAN HEYEN 15 timmar sedan
Ok no but did anyone else read the title of the video wrong and thought it said stranger things?
Matthew Mayfield
Matthew Mayfield 15 timmar sedan
U look like mid 30's
FinDude 15 timmar sedan
It gets to the point where he criticises the movies more than the channel
MORGAN HEYEN 15 timmar sedan
This is giving me Nostalgia..
Caleb Spencer
Caleb Spencer 15 timmar sedan
Gotta love gun fanatics that make other gun enthusiasts look bad by showing terrible gun safety lol
MORGAN HEYEN 15 timmar sedan
NOT THE OPERA ADSSSSSSSSSS NOOOOOOO I remember thoseeeeee, man this is why I stopped using cable now I watch netflix or hulu, forget that shit lmao
Blarfeeboo 15 timmar sedan
Hey teddy bareback I think you should actually deserve that role if it even exists. Your my favorite SEpostr you make great videos. :D
Ellaova 16 timmar sedan
Isnt 'big tabacco' an adversary of the vaping industry!? I realise some tabacco companies are buying into vaping to supplement a decline in cigarette sales but overall its 'big tabacco' in the lead spreading propaganda on 'the dangers of vaping' to temper competition. Its not vaping thats the issue; its the flavours.
M M 16 timmar sedan
Yea they are weird and annoying. It is an attention seeking overload. Twidiots.
Jesse Keim
Jesse Keim 16 timmar sedan
DJ Wentworth!! I Love that commercial! how could you hate it!
Evan Margolies
Evan Margolies 17 timmar sedan
D.A.R.E made me do drugs
J Wonderboss
J Wonderboss 18 timmar sedan
"Gen Z hates millennials for wearing pants" I hate how they generalize things and some millennials ae getting mad about it and they shouldn't it is just propaganda and they shouldn't care.
Killarooo 18 timmar sedan
My father worked as a panel beater/ spray painter, fixing car panels and shit, and we used sham wows to dry cars after we washed them prior to returning them to customers, the sham wows always worked for drying them without streaks.
cranberys1 18 timmar sedan
mindcraft. is that anything?
Hidden 12 Gage
Hidden 12 Gage 18 timmar sedan
Honestly I think this movie was ahead of its time also really bad but ahead of its time at the same time
yee 18 timmar sedan
Hello mario
Noodle man
Noodle man 18 timmar sedan
dont make this shit about colour
Alexandra Lumagbas
Alexandra Lumagbas 18 timmar sedan
It's my second time watching this video and I legit forgot Eddy has a twin brother. Eddy you have only child energy.
Wir3less 19 timmar sedan
Ligit got a fucking anti drug ad
milk box
milk box 20 timmar sedan
damn wtf i wish these were a thing in australia, seems like it would be really convenient for getting to uni and stuff
The Dude
The Dude 20 timmar sedan
This kid is earning 22 Million Dollars and here am i working every day living from check to check.
gdlk 20 timmar sedan
wow i'm 32 and i thought you're 38
Gökhan 21 timme sedan
Holy shit this dude is YOUNGER than me??? Wow I thought he was like close to 30
Anesha12 21 timme sedan
is this the bear from the throuple in The gay and wondrous life of Caleb Gallo???