Anti-Smoking Campaigns on Tik Tok
Did Late Night TV Change in 2020?
People Keep Stealing Our Merch
Eddy & Gus Go to LA
Eddy: A Hero's Story
I Hate Sprint Commercials
Reverse FedEx Guy
4 år sedan
Dying Cop's Final Wish
The Walking Ed
7 år sedan
Paranormal Zactivity
Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill 7 minuter sedan
Eddy's been banished to the dark and forbidden land of page 2 on google? Blasphemy
Noncreative arts
Noncreative arts 12 minuter sedan
Original: Heavy metaphor with deeper meanings in deeper meanings Nicole: Tap dancing speak n spell
bass hed-pe
bass hed-pe 31 minut sedan
Looks like one of the clip art pics that comes with a frame. Oooo spooky.
Noncreative arts
Noncreative arts 36 minuter sedan
Nothing will beat the Real cost ads that had people with holes in there neck. I would have to cover my eyes every time I saw one.
Edamagician MSM
Edamagician MSM 41 minut sedan
Aw fuck you man I really wanted to play over the hedge on the ps2.
The Narrator
The Narrator 52 minuter sedan
Ironic that a self aware can of sauce can follow road regulations better than a person riding a bird scooter...
chihuahua bently
chihuahua bently 55 minuter sedan
The dentist i’ve had since like pretty much ever has a Timmy the tooth plushy and a big pink toothbrush by it… I had no idea that he was actually from a show LOL
chihuahua bently
chihuahua bently 55 minuter sedan
Or that he had a name for that matter
Among Us Edits
Among Us Edits 56 minuter sedan
I had a mental breakdown during DARE. The cop scarred me for life.
Dom Cyber
Dom Cyber Timme sedan
First cult on youtube... you clearly haven't heard of the Dear Leader Jim Pickens
chihuahua bently
chihuahua bently Timme sedan
Am I the only one who thinks that Eddy is the love child of Gus Johnson and Scott Cramer?
Madison Summers
Madison Summers Timme sedan
we always wanted to get a sham wow but instead we bought these knockoff towels from the dollar tore that happened to be the same shade of orange and we got a slap chop instead
Ari Anatako
Ari Anatako Timme sedan
Dude when he went to “tighten his belt to prevent hunger pains“ I dead ass thought he was going to Piss on his son
Ari Anatako
Ari Anatako Timme sedan
Dude, dare in my school literally showed us how to make meth, like not even a joke, they straight up Taught us how to make meth, luckily no one ever tried, because they told us it could EXPLODE, And none of us wanted to you know, die, And I’m in high school now, this is when we were like in fourth grade, so they just put a ton of us fourth graders, and shoved us into a barn, and then projected A slide presentation on this giant sheet that they had nailed into the side of this barn, and I watched an absolute confusion as some like 19-year-old kid who didn’t want to be there showed us how to make math step-by-step, and it wasn’t to be like yo this is how you make it, it was supposed to be like this is all the stuff that’s in that do you really want to put that in your body, but that’s not how it came off, it came off as hey make meth.
Sohan Kalirai
Sohan Kalirai Timme sedan
can i just say as a british person how mostly hated and fucking punchable james corden is over here. he used to be good tbh, but jesus christ...
Val'sStuff 3 timmar sedan
Moral of the video: don’t trust anyone and slap them until they’re dead
Val'sStuff 3 timmar sedan
Solution for bullying is just crack their necks
curry nurri
curry nurri 4 timmar sedan
Ok I'm sorry but eddy's upper lip is my sleep paralysis demon thank God he has a moustache now
503Music 4 timmar sedan
bro I love regular show
Miggeddy 5 timmar sedan
Thats why many ppl in cities with crazy traffic drive motorbikes or scooters. Take those. And with a nice ninja or fireblade maaaybe a woman would really be interested ;p
Jovanni Huerta-Ruiz
Jovanni Huerta-Ruiz 5 timmar sedan
ur welcome
Jovanni Huerta-Ruiz
Jovanni Huerta-Ruiz 5 timmar sedan
ur a meme now
CookieCrusader 420
CookieCrusader 420 5 timmar sedan
Question: can you define “the boys” for me?
Miggeddy 5 timmar sedan
4:18 Just put this shite machines on the street where they belong And hey driving 80 or more in ur car on any street is fun, too. But...
Voliak 6 timmar sedan
I got scared from smoking from seeing those keeping it real ad I remember the one where a guy is smoking and a delivery guy shows up and hands him his gums and teeth with his teeth looking like he just rubbed shit on his teeth.They put facts in it making it scary for 5 yr old me
空白 6 timmar sedan
I am also fat, and if she called me fat to my face, I would've flipped my sh*t. You dont need a gun to hurt somebody, hunny. :) (Plus, I aint afraid to die.) (I'm not usually this violent/b*tchy, but this girl only brings out the worst in people)
Svndwich 6 timmar sedan
PlayStation 3 had free online. Good times
Blobstoys 6 timmar sedan
JG wenswarth was cool ad
Music and Books and Other Stuff
Music and Books and Other Stuff 6 timmar sedan
I love how Josh has a moment of hesitation before he bites into that abomination of a sandwich. Like he's thinking if he should do it or just let the goblins eat him
Music and Books and Other Stuff
Music and Books and Other Stuff 7 timmar sedan
I'm 30 and I seriously had no idea until last year (2020) that top text, bottom text memes were no longer cool. I still love them
Music and Books and Other Stuff
Music and Books and Other Stuff 9 timmar sedan
Timmy the Tooth was the bomb. But I thought the cavity goon was really cool
William Lohr
William Lohr 9 timmar sedan
people use to act like this in 1st-grade bro it's like he is still back in elementary school
Drew Stannard
Drew Stannard 9 timmar sedan
I always wanna play over the hedge the video game on the ps2
Drew Stannard
Drew Stannard 9 timmar sedan
Mike is my idol
Drew Stannard
Drew Stannard 10 timmar sedan
Wanna do drugs No Cmon do it OH FUCK what do I do Some drugs Oh ok
kd bennett
kd bennett 10 timmar sedan
I don't know if everyone saw the commercial, but what about the optimum triple play? Optimum voice, call your mom or your date. Call all you want from state to state
Thy Name Is P!
Thy Name Is P! 10 timmar sedan
As a ThorHighHeels fan, I keep expecting a gunshot SFX and the end of the video with each transition.
Hivemindtime 11 timmar sedan
Ashley Prentice
Ashley Prentice 12 timmar sedan
877 C A S H N O O O O O O O O O O O WW W W W W W W
tiddy _ egg
tiddy _ egg 12 timmar sedan
7:36 nono, they’re calling him the ✨gay✨ he is the mascot
Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill 12 timmar sedan
Eddy: His style is impeccable Also Eddy: Wearing the same shirt with a slightly different pattern
Kia Hubert
Kia Hubert 12 timmar sedan
The first part of the video is how I write when I have 100 fewer words than I should
Garf 12 timmar sedan
People who disliked thought that disliking this video would dislike the bad guy
Honeycomb 14 timmar sedan
I thought a tampon was the female equivalent of a condom. So if that doesn't tell you how in depth my school was, I don't know what will.
DA EPIC ENGINEER 128 15 timmar sedan
I just did a fart that sounded like the effect they use when squidward frowns. Also, this was good. Been loving your content man.
m 15 timmar sedan
brents on his way to being the next shane dawson
Quinn 16 timmar sedan
eddy why do you look like my dad
Corbin Lowe
Corbin Lowe 17 timmar sedan
Jesus fuck what a price of dog shit 'song' FUCK
Sarah W
Sarah W 18 timmar sedan
Saw the picture you put as the title. Recognized the movie immediately. Only saw it once. Hard to forget
HDnorm 19 timmar sedan
xdeadmeatx 19 timmar sedan
Editing out those words does nothing.
xdeadmeatx 19 timmar sedan
This is just a guy who's parents never cared and never got smacked in the mouth for talking shit.
Sebastian Velez
Sebastian Velez 20 timmar sedan
In NYC we have these scooters called Revel. Same deal with Bird and stuff, but I've heard that people steal them and take them apart for parts, so at least they have a second life lol.
Nicolas Parianos
Nicolas Parianos 21 timme sedan
“Just say no” But I want to say yes 😔
Nicolas Parianos
Nicolas Parianos 21 timme sedan
You shouldn’t smoke because it kills you and you don’t even get high from it, don’t vape because it’s lame, smoke pot and do psychedelics because no one has ever ODd on psychedelics (really look it up) and it’s proven pot is isn’t as bad as smoking cigarettes, just make sure you get it from someone who you trust, or grow it yourself and if you don’t want to do it just don’t, peer pressure is lame. 👍
Outdoor Adventures And How To's
Outdoor Adventures And How To's 21 timme sedan
James Murray who they credit for making this show plays one of the pedestrian voices in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and played a puppet in Men In Black, also did some work for The Muppets. Is not the James Murray from Impractical Jokers sadly.
Kurrow 21 timme sedan
I got really scared of a muppets comercial where they were all on a subway.
IceyPino 21 timme sedan
Dude straight up deconstructs his character in front of him
deb 22 timmar sedan
What about Phil swift
John Ludvick
John Ludvick 22 timmar sedan
Hey Eddie say: Gus is cool but... Not as cool as me.. Eddie!!!
Darren Weckle
Darren Weckle 23 timmar sedan
The 13 reasons why part is quite unfortunate having seen the show
Master Markus
Master Markus 23 timmar sedan
Before watching this video, all I know about Logan Paul is that he's the guy who was an asshole in Japan and took a video of a dead person, and really, that's all you NEED to know to avoid him and tell people to not have their kids watching him. But I've been assured that he's horrible in other ways too. Edit: IS LOGAN PAUL ON COKE? Because he acts exactly like how someone high on cocaine does.
Wyatt Murphy
Wyatt Murphy 23 timmar sedan
My biggest question is why did they celebrate over them accepting a Pepsi. If dousing make sense I could hate someone and if they gave me a Pepsi an I accepted it I could still hate them.
Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill Dag sedan
SEpost Red sounds like a porn website
Svndwich Dag sedan
The grand tour brings Amazon video up. if you don’t think so watch it
oh no
oh no Dag sedan
E.D.D.Y, Eh Don't Drugs Yo.
Svndwich Dag sedan
You don’t own the copyright of your own face. Chris Hansen ran into that with some episodes of to catch a predator. He uploaded the ones SEpost didn’t take down but some he didn’t have rights to just because he was the star. I’m high but sum like that
ElfQuest Comic Dub Family
ElfQuest Comic Dub Family Dag sedan
UM 12:37 any Starkid fans out there? I can't tell because I think that's Joe Moses!
Stripes and jay
Stripes and jay Dag sedan
Seriously! Dont abuse drugs, its mean, what did drugs ever to to you for you to abuse them
Scarface Dag sedan
Sounds like an Sesame Street rap
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Dag sedan
Im anti anti groups
Georgia Overdrive
Georgia Overdrive Dag sedan
Love when Gus does his classic "what’s up?" and that face.
callmebagel Dag sedan
Anyone gonna talk about how she could work at that taco bell???
Zero 2 Deniro
Zero 2 Deniro Dag sedan
Please upload something new you bit---- beautiful man...
Robin E
Robin E Dag sedan
this is my favourite video on your channel. it is so compelling and full of drama and justice, and also the music in between Chapters is honestly pretty sick
Universe6265 Dag sedan
Show this dude any modern commercial, he'll go batshit insane.
Master Markus
Master Markus Dag sedan
This feels like a big "under-regulated capitalism" issue.
Sam Cruise
Sam Cruise Dag sedan
Miggeddy Dag sedan
8:39 dont bother... its todd.... yeah that todd, who killed the sweet potatoe!
carmesan Dag sedan
That’s correct my boobs are only here to shock and inspire.
Ethan VanDeBurg
Ethan VanDeBurg Dag sedan
Is it just me or is Laura from the tampon and way older than she sounds