Gen Z vs Millennials
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Twins Make Me Uncomfortable
Timmy the Tooth Haunts My Dreams
Anti-Smoking Campaigns on Tik Tok
Did Late Night TV Change in 2020?
People Keep Stealing Our Merch
The War on Bird Scooters
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis 55 minuter sedan
As someone who quit smoking these commercials make me want to smoke again
TheFeralGamer Timme sedan
"make an onlyfans" The gays would lose their fucking minds if that man stayed alive long enough to make an only fans. Also lol light weight can't handle his beer 😝
TheFeralGamer Timme sedan
23? Dude, why you lyin?
Gerbo Ketting
Gerbo Ketting Timme sedan
Its a movie
IDONTKNOW959 2 timmar sedan
In the middle of the video I got an ad from the cdc about quitting smoking. Google really does show ads about what you’ve been looking at.
Charmaine Benham
Charmaine Benham 2 timmar sedan
What a creep.
Joey David
Joey David 2 timmar sedan
Does being a triplet give me the right to agree?
PyroTheBard 55 minuter sedan
no, quite the opposite, you are worse, refer to 0:35 but watch it twice
Mary Deborah
Mary Deborah 4 timmar sedan
22:15 terrifies me
Mary Deborah
Mary Deborah 4 timmar sedan
the music makes it feel like a fever dream
Arcanekid92 4 timmar sedan
I remember watching these videos on vhs lmao good times
Donald Frank III
Donald Frank III 4 timmar sedan
This man is the salt of the earth
Lauren 5 timmar sedan
John Oliver truly is top tier though
wildsmiley 5 timmar sedan
Wow so this is like a really, really, really shitty update on Wargames except with way, way less understanding of how computers work.
Granola Raspberry
Granola Raspberry 5 timmar sedan
2:17 Starting to sound like Michael Scott there, Eddy
Lil Sausage
Lil Sausage 6 timmar sedan
I could’ve sworn the title said “Why are Awkward Shows so Awkward”
MoOoDLe mIP 6 timmar sedan
I got a simply guitar ad before this It took me a while to realise it wasn’t part of the video XD
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga 7 timmar sedan
I agree with you
TheGeekSeal 7 timmar sedan
The song at the beginning! What's it called
Harriet Ide
Harriet Ide 7 timmar sedan
The sassy nose nationally possess because fine arespectively list pro a cautious august. debonair, stiff bengal
smakkacow 7 timmar sedan
1:36 Hey nice dodging oh
T Kad
T Kad 7 timmar sedan
I'm a millennial. I love boot cut high rise jeans and parting my hair so far to the side that... actually all my hair goes to one side, what's up?
Penny 8 timmar sedan
w o w y o u r 2 3 i t h o u g h t y o u w e r e 3 5
SupernovaSymphony 8 timmar sedan
As Millennial, I think Gen Z is pretty cool. They are very politically active and I think they are better than us. I think every generation is better than the last. My only note, is seeing how much energy they have when they reach our age xD I hope they keep it up. Gen Z is doing good work
That bloody spy
That bloody spy 8 timmar sedan
Kidz bop doing bad rap now?
Joseph Durden
Joseph Durden 8 timmar sedan
Bruh Kinect adventures, that was the second game I ever played on my Xbox 360, and tbh it had like no bugs in gameplay, but the fucking menu was hard to use
Joseph Durden
Joseph Durden 8 timmar sedan
Bruh I remember Kinectimals, that was the first game I ever played on my Xbox 360(my mom didn't know controllers came separate back then) it was actually pretty fun, but really hard to use half the time
RΛVΞΠ 9 timmar sedan
Now I wanna see what the human exchange student went through
Beautiful Meeses
Beautiful Meeses 9 timmar sedan
A house just isn't a home without a smash room.
Joseph Durden
Joseph Durden 9 timmar sedan
So actually billy maze sold a version mod the sham wow(that came out before the sham wow) my parents to bought that, we will have it, and ngl best towel we have
Granola Raspberry
Granola Raspberry 9 timmar sedan
I watched this video because of the reflection on the tv in the thumbnail lol
smakkacow 10 timmar sedan
"Brent makes kids content! So why is he making. . . . ˢᵉˣᵘᵃˡˡʸ ᶜʰᵃʳᵍᵉᵈ content?"
Red Velvet Edge Muffin
Red Velvet Edge Muffin 10 timmar sedan
My bong is two feet in front of my face.
S Russell
S Russell 10 timmar sedan
This quality of content does not match the number of subscribers. (I expected way more sub after watching) Love your videos, man.
Real Talk With Blishy
Real Talk With Blishy 10 timmar sedan
phil swift is just the choatic twin of billy mays
GamersluckPro 10 timmar sedan
As a gen z, I can say that we are stupid. Anyways why are people arguing over something so minimal
AnotherJoJoFan 9 timmar sedan
If you say someone's pronouns wrong, they attack you and call you racial slurs
wildsmiley 10 timmar sedan
Meanwhile, I’m in my forties and I wish all you kids would shut the fuck up so I can nap.
Oscar A De Aza
Oscar A De Aza 10 timmar sedan
7:43 B FOR “BETCH”
Teral Laret
Teral Laret 11 timmar sedan
Ha 14 day older than you kid
MrWhatcanido 11 timmar sedan
Ah yes, but Craig.
Proffesional idiot
Proffesional idiot 11 timmar sedan
Fuck you play doh is delicious. *Eats play doh*
I am very bored :3
I am very bored :3 11 timmar sedan
Argyle Winters
Argyle Winters 12 timmar sedan
I don't get it.
Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie 12 timmar sedan
I feel so bad for gen alpha
DRG_Infinite 12 timmar sedan
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh the cringe
Juan De santos
Juan De santos 13 timmar sedan
Ok, I know the memes are dated in those old truth ads, but I still do like them.
Young Death
Young Death 13 timmar sedan
What they should do. Is the same shit the tobacco companies did. Sexualizing not smoking would work. Have half naked women and shirtless dudes talking about how lame vaping is
The prick
The prick 13 timmar sedan
What? You are 23? I thought u were 35
Greenfield 14 timmar sedan
Conrad McRae
Conrad McRae 14 timmar sedan
Why is the preds wanting to clap some corny cheeks?
Brandon Govreau
Brandon Govreau 14 timmar sedan
I thought of something crazy what if there was an ad that before it plays it always has to say warning this may cause loss of hearing with the loud noise
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan 15 timmar sedan
"You're time has passed. You're out of your twenties. You can still be cool and older but you cannot be the generation that's making cool stuff." There is so much wrong with this statement. It's ageist, judgemental, it assumes that youth takes precedent in producing relevant art/culture, and this overinflates the importance of age and generation. Considering this video is about how absurd this petty generational conflict is, this statment is hypocritical, pompous, arrogant etc... who are you, Eddy Burback, to decide that because someone is not in their twenties they're "not the generation that's making cool stuff". ?? What is "making cool stuff"? What is "cool"? Can a whole generation make "cool stuff"? Following your logic here, it seems to be anything made by younger people is automatically "cool" or somehow more relevant - maybe to a similarly-aged audience, but, what about the rest of humanity? Framed within your ridicule of this lame song written and performed by a mediocre singer-songwriter, who writes piano music that is clearly from the distant past and shows neither musical originality, nor any adhererence to recent trends in songwriting, this statement is actually irrelevant, except it reveals the clear truth about your perception of generations. It also reveals the truth about your perception of music: The singer isn't actually trying to write relevant, generation-defining music that is "cool". It's a comedy piano song. There are a myriad of things you could have ripped her on, but you still go with "Shut up - you're too old to have a voice and express yourself anymore." That is what your statement is saying, make no mistake about it - "make space" is really saying: "don't write or post". As if anyone who touches an instrument and creates something should be trying to define their generation. As if the whole point of being creative and expressing oneself is to be a pop star, selling to teens. If we could go back in time and get her to follow your advice, I suppose she wouldn't have written this song. So the next time a 32 year old feels the need to sit down at their piano and express themselves, and then post it, I suppose you would just say: don't bother, you're too old. I would counter this and say: people should, if possible, ALWAYS express their creative urges, and if they want, post it online - regardless of generation or age.
Malkatrix musik
Malkatrix musik 15 timmar sedan
"why are SEpostrs always broke?"
NightcoreX 17 timmar sedan
Oh so that guy(non hooman) is from Italy, wow! I want him to come to Sicily, we need some funny guy to laugh at while having some good food. If he's a northerner I would say it was expected since they're a bunch of weirdos.
Skarloey1. 17 timmar sedan
Timmy Gets Blown Off By His Cowboy Friend I Mean We All Have A Cowboy Friend... Right?
Shubham Bhushan
Shubham Bhushan 18 timmar sedan
Conan is the fucking best
Spicy Milk
Spicy Milk 18 timmar sedan
Skarloey1. 18 timmar sedan
It's Called The "Hero Trap" Because Spider-man Is A Photographer.
Evil Breakfast Studios
Evil Breakfast Studios 18 timmar sedan
Apparently, all ten episodes are available for streaming on the NBC app, Peacock. ...along with ExoSquad, The Savage Dragon, Wing Commander, and The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat.
non nonyabuisness
non nonyabuisness 20 timmar sedan
I think part of the problem with anti-vaping ads specifically, is no one really knows for sure the long term effects on health. There are speculative studies, and people who have gotten hurt from black market thc carts, but no super shocking hard hitting facts they can shock kids with. So all they can really do in the ads is focus on trying to be trendy or on big Tabaco's scummy ways.
TapeFaceYT 20 timmar sedan
23 is blink-182 reference
Robert Rutter
Robert Rutter 21 timme sedan
My cousins and my siblings went through a phase for like a week where we would constantly sing credit report dot com. We were wack.
B BOI 22 timmar sedan
in Canada we had M.A.D.D and VIP witch also covered like crime in general
Garrett Coleman
Garrett Coleman 23 timmar sedan
rip billy mays
Kitanuh 23 timmar sedan
i was born in 98 and i didn’t even know there was a “war” lmao 😂
Nintendofangeek Dag sedan
Eddy is my official youtuber drinking buddy 🍻
Brookie Brooke
Brookie Brooke Dag sedan
Gen X here. I can afford millennial avocado toast and Gen Z raided my closet from 1994.
Napping Catto
Napping Catto Dag sedan
Ill be honest i made $60 on redbubble 3 years ago by putting a colgate logo on a shirt and calling it “supreme colgate”, redbubble is shit for copyright protection
The GamerKid
The GamerKid Dag sedan
Eliot and The Boys at 2am lookin' for *BEANS!!*
StarlitLilies Dag sedan
Another ad that sends me into a violent rage the likes of the JG Wentworth one is the "Kars4Kids" jingle 😡🔪
Liam Jackson
Liam Jackson Dag sedan
I was in kindergarten/1st Grade in 2009 hahahah
Glen Edward Devlin
Glen Edward Devlin Dag sedan
I love that song.
RaGE_ Nzine
RaGE_ Nzine Dag sedan
Does comments help the cult
jupiter Dag sedan
Why are people angry at a few people not liking Eminem? Some of the stuff he wrote was real homophobic. Bragging about your generation just like, solidifies that you are part of the worst bit of that generation. It’s a bit cringe m’lord, lady, or whatever the fanciest way to say nonbinary is.
Dragon Sharktopus Craft
Dragon Sharktopus Craft Dag sedan
I have a blue one only for the car and its pretty good but don't know if its good inside
Mingle Dag sedan
i got a wejdy's ad
Ted Moore
Ted Moore Dag sedan
I actually wanna quit now. Like I’m one of those guys that would hit my vape in spite of “no vape check” but this I actually really appreciate. Thanks Eddy!
yeebaswag 22 timmar sedan
You got this man 🤞
sno Dag sedan
Arnt all art teachers insane?
Jake The Nordique
Jake The Nordique Dag sedan
The boyband version of the JG Wentworth song was actually good.
Vlad Khmel
Vlad Khmel Dag sedan
Ahh you were 8 months too early the grubhub ad would easily make it into the annoying music category
momomo CRONx
momomo CRONx Dag sedan
All I can hear is the fucking Tf2 sounds
thecluttereddesk 222
thecluttereddesk 222 Dag sedan
Ok mumford and sons is pretty good tho