Did Late Night TV Change in 2020?
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Late Night TV Needs to Change
Eddy & Gus Go to LA
Eddy: A Hero's Story
I Hate Sprint Commercials
Reverse FedEx Guy
4 år sedan
Dying Cop's Final Wish
The Walking Ed
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Paranormal Zactivity
Tara Raw
Tara Raw Minut sedan
How has he not ended up in jail? Like what the fuck, how did this go on for so long? Like fuck his mental health, I’m depressed and suicidal but that doesn’t make me act like an absolute asshole.
LillieX 13 minuter sedan
I like how people can't tell that this is all satire
Brittany Bertolin
Brittany Bertolin 50 minuter sedan
Michael Beaurain
Michael Beaurain Timme sedan
I own a sham-wow and it actually works as advertised
Fiona Bourne
Fiona Bourne Timme sedan
I got one of this guy's adds on this video smh
Melissa Robyn
Melissa Robyn Timme sedan
Did you mean for the green parts of your shirt to act as a green screen
Ari A.H.M.
Ari A.H.M. Timme sedan
being genderfluid, romance classes like this feel like a horrible, terrible two-way package as I know what not to do as a guy and what not to do as a girl (Though I'm a lil too lesbian for that shit)
Someone Anonime
Someone Anonime 2 timmar sedan
She seems like she has narcissistic personality disorder
Emery E
Emery E 2 timmar sedan
Billy May is like the original Phil swift
UrMomGei 2 timmar sedan
METAL HEAD 2 timmar sedan
you have THE THICKEST Stache of them all
Amma K
Amma K 4 timmar sedan
"He's a vine star, absolute shit content *Piques, not drew*" Yeah right, sure Also, I hope people like this get sued *the instagram harrassers, not Eddy*'
half loaf
half loaf 4 timmar sedan
the clip in the start was not a war on bird scooters but a massacre of bird scooter
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 8 timmar sedan
As I always say, "why would they do that?" Is the answer money?... it's for money, isn't it
STAPLE 8 timmar sedan
DW Free Background Music
DW Free Background Music 8 timmar sedan
Great video and cool channel content, i follow :)
H Mulford
H Mulford 8 timmar sedan
While it's true that D+ doesn't have a lot of originals right now, don't forget they've got like seven Marvel shows and three Star Wars shows on the way. It sucks that Covid has slowed down the production, we would be getting them non-stop next year.
Tylrdurdn99 9 timmar sedan
Unexpected treat with the asmr at the end there. Did NOT know I liked that kind of thing even o_O
xrod4800 10 timmar sedan
I think the overly descriptive narration is for blind people
Zion Trask
Zion Trask 10 timmar sedan
it’s ok Eddy i care about this important subject
Jacob Jacobi
Jacob Jacobi 10 timmar sedan
Oh god damn it eddy! I didn’t need the mental image of franky munez slamming puss
Tim Strawberries
Tim Strawberries 10 timmar sedan
I thought the thumbnail was from the rasisns commercials
Samantha Purdy
Samantha Purdy 11 timmar sedan
When I was in 5th grade, they made all the girls watch a video from the 70s about female anatomy and gave everyone a gift bag of a pad, a tampon, and an educational booklet. Not to mention, my freshman year, along with the Miracle of Life, we watched a thermal vision video of a dude getting hard. Like wtf is that teaching me
Davvy Jannes
Davvy Jannes 11 timmar sedan
This must have been said in these comments already, yet it likely bears repeating. I am politically active and know of Bennett through her inane political stunts. Don't worry, not going to get political on you. Just the opposite, I want to thank you for a refreshingly interesting and well done perspective on her actions without being put through a political lens. My extremely low opinion of her was unaltered, still, it was nice to see her critiqued sans any political bias, kudos!! First video I have seen of yours (probably due to her name overlapping with my viewing history for the YT recommendation algorithm) and will watch more after leaving this one with a great first impression. Of course, I say that on a 2 year old video, yet your subscription rate is fairly high and so am assuming you are still producing content, I guess I will find out shortly...
Zion Trask
Zion Trask 11 timmar sedan
watch rim of the world it’s horrible
Zion Trask
Zion Trask 11 timmar sedan
watch rim of the world it’s terrible
VarietyPax 11 timmar sedan
Did no one else watch this as a kid?? It genuinely scared child me
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 11 timmar sedan
I don't like how you're projecting onto me, sir
Jacob Jacobi
Jacob Jacobi 11 timmar sedan
Wish everyone buying into the preorder hype rn would watch this and just...remember...
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 12 timmar sedan
What's up
The Cunundrum Channel
The Cunundrum Channel 12 timmar sedan
Just so you know I liked BEFORE I subscribed so... yeh.
WeaverDaBeaver 1
WeaverDaBeaver 1 12 timmar sedan
Imagine having a left hand drive r35
Jordan Perekopskiy
Jordan Perekopskiy 12 timmar sedan
Finally I have found someone else that chugs disani water.
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 12 timmar sedan
I feel like he wants me to decode uh secret message with the red wrds... like the riddler 🤔... is this dude The Riddler
Barkugou420 12 timmar sedan
the amazon prime watch party thing reminds me of the netflix feature on xbox 360 where you could watch stuff in a little theater with friends xD
Casey Kreie
Casey Kreie 13 timmar sedan
Make a video about how shitty this season of the Bachelorette is.
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 13 timmar sedan
Bruh, a start is like, like when something begins, and uh BEGINNING is sorta like the start of something... but not really... 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jeffry Donald
Jeffry Donald 13 timmar sedan
I don't really like movies at all, usually get bored by the end of a 5 minute youtube video lmao
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 13 timmar sedan
Do y'all think it's possible that like maybe we're... the crazy ones? Somehow 😶
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice 13 timmar sedan
Considering the way acts around his mom, I think I can figure out what this guy seachs on p hub...
Zion Trask
Zion Trask 13 timmar sedan
why do i kinda love the sea captain
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 14 timmar sedan
Man, how come I can't be asked to star in a fake sequel, even though my acting is far frm what that wrd means😤
Earth 14 Rocco
Earth 14 Rocco 14 timmar sedan
Man, how come I can't be asked to star in a fake sequel, even though my acting is far frm what that wrd means😤
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo 14 timmar sedan
Dr. Squatch has the best ads
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo 14 timmar sedan
Ik the Germans make good stuff, they also made some pretty cool showers and soap
Ride The Puma
Ride The Puma 14 timmar sedan
So transformative
amelia 15 timmar sedan
oh also- every time i watch a new episode or movie on Disney plus I have to go in and turn subtitles on. there's no way to turn subtitles on just like across the board, so that's fun.
Jimmy Caldwell
Jimmy Caldwell 15 timmar sedan
Da Bears!
Mr. Misus
Mr. Misus 15 timmar sedan
I wAnt My PLasTiC
Hi I'm Robert
Hi I'm Robert 15 timmar sedan
Big Trouble in Little China!
TheSpaceBetweenOurHouses 15 timmar sedan
This is like the third time I've watched this; I think it might be my favorite reaction video of all time. Also, I'm reminded of how much I hate the current YT algorithm; I never get weird stuff like Futuristic Hub recommended anymore.
Devon Macnerland
Devon Macnerland 15 timmar sedan
How much is Eddyflix max +?
cottoneyejoe777 16 timmar sedan
Eddys ads are so perfectly timed
LillieX 16 timmar sedan
At least you can't say that this movie is unoriginal.
Epic Remarc
Epic Remarc 16 timmar sedan
As much as I hate ads, at least Hulu has the original version of Buffy and not the shitty hd remaster like prime video
Justin Elmquist
Justin Elmquist 16 timmar sedan
- .... . / -.-. --- --- -.- .. . / .. ... / ... - .. .-.. .-.. / -.. --- ..- --. ....
Justin Elmquist
Justin Elmquist 16 timmar sedan
- .... . / -.-. --- --- -.- .. . / .. ... / ... - .. .-.. .-.. / -.. --- ..- --. ....
Justin Elmquist
Justin Elmquist 16 timmar sedan
- .... . / -.-. --- --- -.- .. . / .. ... / ... - .. .-.. .-.. / -.. --- ..- --. ....
Little Star
Little Star 17 timmar sedan
Wow you’re 23? I thought you were 21. There, a compliment.
Vibes of Sasha
Vibes of Sasha 17 timmar sedan
Kent State?? As in the Kent State that experienced like one of the first school shootings??? I thought it was stupid of her before, but knowing the actual school is unbelievable
Alyssa 17 timmar sedan
The “make you famous” trap guy looks like gus johnson
oo ee oo aa ahh
oo ee oo aa ahh 18 timmar sedan
hte wendys commercial is funny but not the way they thought it would be if that makes sense i hear "like a boss" and lose my mind for some reason
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo 18 timmar sedan
I’m gonna hold corny hostage and release torture vids of humans say I’ll release him if I get $25000
Jeffry Donald
Jeffry Donald 18 timmar sedan
DARE just felt like a bunch of lies, they say drugs are bad because they are bad lmao
M.K. McGill
M.K. McGill 18 timmar sedan
As soon as you said JG Wentworth, I knew it was coming up so I muted the video. I READ THE SUBTITLES AND NOW ITS IN MY HEAD
datboiyouknow 18 timmar sedan
Hehehehehehehehehehehe 69
Maximum Overdrive
Maximum Overdrive 18 timmar sedan
I draw on an iPad, so I like to use the split-screen feature to multi-task and watch something at the same time. However, the only streaming service apps that I found that actually split-screen are SEpost, Disney+, and Apple TV. Everything else minimizes the window to the bottom corner of the screen. If I wanted to split-screen, I’d have to stream them off of Safari.
oscar navarrete
oscar navarrete 18 timmar sedan
drew's circa survive's record :)
Vishant Patel
Vishant Patel 18 timmar sedan
What happened to your mustache look at the left side
Cookie Mail
Cookie Mail 18 timmar sedan
You make good points
Brody Deane
Brody Deane 19 timmar sedan
Dude me to everyone this year I don’t want to talk about it
Silly Gustavo
Silly Gustavo 19 timmar sedan
Gee I never would have guessed that a dangerous weapon such as a gun or knife could possibly be dangerous
2 carbon phenethylamine
2 carbon phenethylamine 19 timmar sedan
" the technique is there" 😂. No. No it isn't
Phillip Nungaray
Phillip Nungaray 19 timmar sedan
alright I know its been 2 years but the brain stops developing at age of 25 so logans brain hasn't even fully developed so all the memes that say hes stupid and a literal child are essentially correct (hes 24 now I think)
Timbu 20 timmar sedan
You deserver money. here is my credit card number: e
Alfie Swindell
Alfie Swindell 20 timmar sedan
'And I saw that and every day before SpongeBob' Why was cartoon network showing loan company ads?
FireBurns Gaming
FireBurns Gaming 21 timme sedan
Hell yeah
No One
No One 21 timme sedan
My DARE program ended with the entire 5th grade singing "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield ngl I still get flashbacks to this day it was 5 and half years ago please send help
The cooler I will defeat I will defeat Justin Y.
The cooler I will defeat I will defeat Justin Y. 21 timme sedan
She’s really not that good looking. She looks like a 38 year old trying to ignore the onset of menopause with an overdose of Botox and makeup
TK S 21 timme sedan
Vowing 21 timme sedan
The Wendys ad is basically r/FellowKids in a nutshell
Vowing 22 timmar sedan
Eddy: its February Also Eddy: Shows article from April 2020