Did Late Night TV Change in 2020?
People Keep Stealing Our Merch
Eddy & Gus Go to LA
Eddy: A Hero's Story
I Hate Sprint Commercials
Reverse FedEx Guy
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Dying Cop's Final Wish
The Walking Ed
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Paranormal Zactivity
SoundingTheSkies 6 timmar sedan
Ohhhhh Ive seen this pornhub video
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober 6 timmar sedan
I enjoy guns. I personally believe it’s good to carry. But doing that doesn’t make you and others safe. It just scares them. Leave it in your car. Doing that will just make people hate others who carry. Maybe show how your a responsible gun owner 🤷‍♂️
Synchronized Cell
Synchronized Cell 6 timmar sedan
My dad bought a sham wow... it cleaned things awesome but you had to put it through the washing machine twice to clean it completely because after the first wash it collected fabric softener in it
riley 6 timmar sedan
Jacob sartorius Captions: Jacob start reverse Jacob star tours
Hayden Redmond
Hayden Redmond 6 timmar sedan
holy shit this whole video had me in stitches hahaha keep it up Eddy!
Erif The fox
Erif The fox 6 timmar sedan
No one cares gus
Chaad Mason Pierre
Chaad Mason Pierre 6 timmar sedan
The thing that prime does where when the show is paused, you can see the actors names on screen, music etc. Is pretty cool too
Zippy 6 timmar sedan
"Andrew crank the music." **fakest keyboard sounds ever**
Mr. Youtube
Mr. Youtube 7 timmar sedan
ah yes, my favourite steaming service: netfulu+ max
Bryan J
Bryan J 7 timmar sedan
Hey Eddy what’s behind the mystery door 🚪😁
Mr Manatee
Mr Manatee 7 timmar sedan
They made Gus emoji 🥸
Golden Vipertooth
Golden Vipertooth 7 timmar sedan
Joshua Rivers
Joshua Rivers 7 timmar sedan
I won a costume contest at college and I still sat alone at lunch. I'm late to the party, but I subscribed. *last month. I forgot I already subscribed.
Calvin Harms
Calvin Harms 7 timmar sedan
This is so important, but is this a conspiracy now?
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers 7 timmar sedan
Okay, I can't tell how old she is. Not that sexual assault or rubbing strangers' heads is okay at any age, but it's at least understandable if you're a younger person, but her makeup makes her look like she's a 45 year old who's caked on makeup to try to look 25, and it's weirding me out. Again it's not okay at any age, but it IS a little less creepy for, like, a 20 year old to be doing this shit rather than a 45 year old.
eyes which are red
eyes which are red 7 timmar sedan
imagine jg wentworth spondering an actual opera and ruining it entirely
Kenneth Alfaro
Kenneth Alfaro 7 timmar sedan
8:00 You're welcome
Setheus Ramsey
Setheus Ramsey 7 timmar sedan
To be real, almost every single Peter Cushing movie, for me personally, is so-bad-its-good. I rewatch that garbage all the time, it's delicious
Camera 7 timmar sedan
1:27 1.1% of high school students are smoking pipes. If I was a teacher I wouldn't even be mad, that's fucking hilarious.
First Last
First Last 8 timmar sedan
these videos are for groomers. but TBF we had catdog, chicken and cow and the like on tv. The real lesson here is don't leave your children to be parented by a screen. Especially if you aren't talking to them about it afterwards.
Sophia Wagner
Sophia Wagner 8 timmar sedan
The best PSA i’ve seen is Little Lung (In a great big world) when he DIES by falling out a window cause he doesn’t have enough power to blow a candle out
First Last
First Last 8 timmar sedan
the problem is those men know that if they lay a hand on her they'll be in deep shit, even if it's self defense. They are trapped between this woman touching them and societal pressure to keep them from retaliating. Either these are faked or she chooses men who are alone for a reason. If someone did that to my husband while we were out I'd mess them up.
Graham Kohlhaas
Graham Kohlhaas 8 timmar sedan
Oh my god eddy. You probably won't see this but, I used to see this on ifunny back in the day and always thought they were hilarious. I recently discovered you again and have subbed. If you and Gus made these they'd be legendary
First Last
First Last 9 timmar sedan
that trump/pence website is obviously fake by the way.
clairvoyantPastry 9 timmar sedan
the biggest con for streaming services is the reliance on VPNs and i wish that was addressed despite the sponsor. using VPNs just isn't possible for people with sub-par internet and there are a lot of us that do. there are so many movies and shows that make no sense to be region locked that just... are. i get that there's an "overwhelmed by choice" but why not have your experience curated but allow you to search for everything available on the platform? i just think locking content is an easy and simple way to shoot yourself in the foot
Aaron Luna
Aaron Luna 9 timmar sedan
Im from SD, and its FUCKING DISGUSTING seeing them all around the city
BreadsticcUternal 9 timmar sedan
I had my dare program a few years ago, the keeping it real book. I blacked out all of their eyes and made them bleed from their eyes with red marker. Boring class
Hayden Parks
Hayden Parks 9 timmar sedan
Who kisses their grandma on their lips
Kaleb Query
Kaleb Query 9 timmar sedan
you got lamps!
Matthew Parunak
Matthew Parunak 9 timmar sedan
ShamWow does work exactly like that we have some.
Jackson Martens
Jackson Martens 9 timmar sedan
Remember that thing right before COVID that was making teens sick and killing them and they said it was vaping. But now that COVID is a thing that hasn’t been brought up since.
First Last
First Last 9 timmar sedan
marketers are out of touch you say...huh..
Tyler Robertson
Tyler Robertson 9 timmar sedan
All of my respect for Eddy just left... he’s a Bears fan...
Gracie Whatley
Gracie Whatley 9 timmar sedan
their snapchat ads are so much better
Duckue The Duck
Duckue The Duck 9 timmar sedan
“You know the Germans make good stuff” *cough cough* hitler *cough cough*
forrest b
forrest b 10 timmar sedan
i mean if they scrolling through tik tok they are are stupid
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy 10 timmar sedan
5:15 or whatever that guy's name is "You Win Poon"
fish god
fish god 10 timmar sedan
4:30 i want that on my hot body
COD3D 10 timmar sedan
The intro: *E*
First Last
First Last 11 timmar sedan
this is an interactive watpad that you have to pay for.
Brooke Hansen
Brooke Hansen 11 timmar sedan
I live in Butte MT and throughout our whole school district sex education would always be through a tampax video/pamphlet and we would get a little trial bag of tampax products, anyone else???
Frying Panda
Frying Panda 11 timmar sedan
I love how this is an ad that both the left and the right can hate.
donttalktomebye 12 timmar sedan
what are michaels credentials for this shit anyways...a PHD in psychology or something??? cause it sounds like he just took a creative writing class and was told he was "pretty good"
Roman Sisson
Roman Sisson 12 timmar sedan
Have your clothes been sucked today?
donttalktomebye 12 timmar sedan
i'm here a year late but i need you to know the ad before this video was basically some old video from the early 2000s at some motivational speakers thing helping a guy save his marriage
Ryan McDonnell
Ryan McDonnell 13 timmar sedan
I was really mad about this years ago when these commercials came out and it's really gratifying to hear someone complaining about it years later.
DailyPotato757 13 timmar sedan
James Cook
James Cook 13 timmar sedan
The gun PSA was a lot better than recent ones. A kid should tell his parent or cop if they find a gun and never touch it. Has anyone seen the commercial a few years ago where the kid stole his dad's pistol and brought it to school and then put it on his teachers desk after class? The message was he did the right thing by stealing a legal firearm and bringing it to school and giving it to her. One of the main reasons kids die from gun shots is because they weren't taught not to touch it and think it's a toy and end up shooting themselves or a friend. Not teaching something because you rather pretend it doesn't exist never works, just look at the places who say the only way to be safe with sex is to not have it. That's when you get a lot of teenage parents and STDs going around.
Okay I have No iDeA
Okay I have No iDeA 13 timmar sedan
Why do you look a bit like billy mays?
lain chloe
lain chloe 13 timmar sedan
Lol I got noting but a talk with my dad
James Cook
James Cook 13 timmar sedan
After that one slice of pizza bullshit I'm glad you didn't start shooting heroin. No laser tag? I would of gone out and become a career criminal just to spite them lol.
Allen Virella
Allen Virella 13 timmar sedan
5:29 nicole arbour actually did that. she just literally repeated gods plan lyrics word for word and said it was a remix.
Richard Montoya
Richard Montoya 14 timmar sedan
Got this in my recommendation and was not disappointed
Adam Wallin
Adam Wallin 14 timmar sedan
Image doing this shit in 2020
nnacroon 14 timmar sedan
I don't know about mighty putty... But oxiclean is still an amazing product.
Julian Mac
Julian Mac 15 timmar sedan
Eddy and Gus NEED to make a low budget spy film
Italian Rat
Italian Rat 15 timmar sedan
Luckily for me SEpost and google were my sex Ed
Ruka Desu
Ruka Desu 15 timmar sedan
I don't know if improve comedy on the US is SO FUCKING BAD everybody makes fun of it, or if it's just me that thinks it's good and well made as fuck... or if it's just that my country have a very good improve scene...
Friday Fries
Friday Fries 16 timmar sedan
He so drunk
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin 17 timmar sedan
Finally someone talks about these cringe ass ads
OzricAurora 17 timmar sedan
At least Lauren southern succeeded in getting famous by pretending to be conservative
Chris Leone
Chris Leone 18 timmar sedan
I'm 23 and I regret smoking cigarettes, but vaping has not affected me at all so far. The research shows that it is not as harmful as everyone says as long as you're using high quality juice and coils. I definitely don't encourage anyone to start vaping if they're not already addicted to nicotine, but it is a viable replacement for cigarettes that is not nearly as harmful when done safely. That whole vape lung thing was caused primarily by contraband THC cartridges. Think about it, we only started hearing about devastating lung problems in kids who vape a year or two ago, why is that? I have vaped for years and have only ever bought juice from reputable vendors and most people who have vaped for years have no problem. The kids who had the problems were vaping for short periods of time, and something like 90% of them admitted to using contraband THC cartridges. I would venture to guess the other 10% are lying because they don't want to get in trouble with their parents. If some information comes out that shows what I use is horrifically damaging, I will work harder to quit... But for now, I won't... And I'd love it if the government would stop trying to ban it outright as I absolutely do not want to smoke cigarettes. I'm quite aware that I _can_ quit nicotine altogether, I just don't _want_ to. Nicotine on its own is about as harmful as caffeine, nicotine ON ITS OWN is not shown to cause cancer or permanent health problems. It is addictive, yes, but nicotine isn't the reason behind smokers getting lung cancer. I'm confident no one will take the time to read all of this, but if you do please do a little bit of research on nicotine. Read information from absolutely anywhere but a tobacco company or an anti-tobacco company because they're all full of shit. Nicotine is not meaningfully harmful to a healthy adult, it is the same amount harmful as caffeine. I still don't think kids should be using addictive substances as it often stunts growth and hinders brain development, but heavy regulations on nicotine primarily affects adults who use these products legally.
Possum Ridge Entertainment
Possum Ridge Entertainment 18 timmar sedan
Spikes didn't pop up suddenly in the 90s. That's just when the douchebag variations we saw for a 20 year stretch started. In the 80s you had "punk spikes," which were similar to mohawks but less of the head was shaved and instead of one solid "spine" the hair was arranged in several clumps. The other type, the ones for kids who wanted to be "rebellious" without going punk, was basically a comparatively long flattop. I say comparatively long because it was a short style, but not as short as a flattop. You basically cut it short enough that if you combed it back it would just stand up. The hair didn't have enough weight to fall forward or backward, and then you solidified that with hairspray if you wanted the other boys at school to call you a girl (which in the 80s even girls would call you a girl to ridicule you), mousse if you didn't mind being called a yuppie (might only apply to rural areas, as we tended to shun anything that didn't have a distinctly American sounding name), hair gel if you just wanted to get on about your day, or pomade (which was the one exemption to the foreign sounding product clause) if you wanted everyone to be in awe of your ability to procure functional artifacts from the days of our ancestors before hipsters came along and ruined the whole old timey thing. Those of us who wore spikes in the 80s look at the "spikes" kids are wearing now and wonder if they even make any effort to style their hair.
Cesly 1987
Cesly 1987 18 timmar sedan
Eddy is a prophet of our time.
Eric Schnautz
Eric Schnautz 18 timmar sedan
13:18 dang dude you just said exactly what I think about tiktok.
IMLERITH 19 timmar sedan
Brandon Cummins
Brandon Cummins 19 timmar sedan
This is the first time I've seen someone end a video like that. Usually they will get up and act like it's done but jump right back in and keep it going. I applaud this
James Burk
James Burk 19 timmar sedan
Eddy is just mad because Sprint guy might be his real dad but he has no idea how to approach it in a healthy way.
Louis 19 timmar sedan
how do you do npr
bucket 20 timmar sedan
I think I watched the first one in 6th grade. It’s been a while, but the only thing I remember is Tyler’s stare.
Adrian Metzler
Adrian Metzler 20 timmar sedan
She pooped herself in college.
megan marts
megan marts 21 timme sedan
The whole truth campaign is big tobacco. It's philip morris. They are not allowed to advertise anymore and laws were passed that they have to spend the add budget on anti smoking ads. Especially the anti vape stuff because vaping has really cut into big tobacco's profits. I imagine the whole truth campaign is designed to be ineffective
Fabiola Nunez
Fabiola Nunez 21 timme sedan
You should put a wig and a mustache on your mic so it can look like a mini you.
Meifua Edits
Meifua Edits 21 timme sedan
I’m from Ohio and let me just put this out there. We don’t claim him.
Ethan Farrell
Ethan Farrell 21 timme sedan
Seeing this in 2020 just makes me want to clean
SadboiShinobi 21 timme sedan
as someone whos 24 who started smoking ecigs in highschool eddies right. I regret it right now. You will too
M K 21 timme sedan
I would do crazy things for a Chicago style hotdog right now. World's best.
Liz 21 timme sedan
I dont know if this is me just being behind or what, but I had no idea Lily had a late night show..😬 oop
MR Farina
MR Farina 21 timme sedan
i have gotten that ad and I'm a lesbian
Game Snake
Game Snake 22 timmar sedan
wOw your 23!I THOUGHT YOU WERE 35!-Eddy Burback